Shipping is available to most
of the United States; however,
for larger projects this may
be cost prohibitive. I charge a
crating fee of $150. All shipping
costs are to be handled by the
Ordering & Shipping
& D
B U E N A   V I S T A,   G E O R G I A
Areas Served includes Columbus Georgia,
Muscogee County, Buena Vista Georgia,
Marion County, southwest Georgia, west central
Georgia, Chattahoochee Valley, Ellaville
Georgia, Schley County, Americus Georgia,  
Sumter County.
The Ordering Process

Call or e-mail me (Rick Garner) to tell me what you'd like to have
made.  I will come take measurements if it is for a specific space,
such as kitchen cabinets or a mantel.  I have a sample case full of
wood and stain samples from which to choose. Once we've
discussed your piece I will draw it out, determine the amount of
materials needed, obtain the latest material pricing from my
suppliers and then meet with you to go over your estimate.  A fifty
percent deposit is required to get started or guarantee your position
if there is a waiting list.  Please  note that with custom cabinets, I
request a generous lead time in order to have the cabinets ready
when they are due to be installed. You will receive a detailed
contract that specifically states what is included in your project,
such as delivery, any tearout, and completion date.

ready to get
started?  Call me!

Rick Garner
stain samples
wood and stain samples