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B U E N A   V I S T A,   G E O R G I A
custom kitchen cabinets
Wormy Maple cabinets integrated into existing cabinetry.
Kitchen design and image courtesy of Linda & Lavonne
Buena Vista Georgia kitchen cabinets
Wormy Maple w/clear
finish (detail)
heart pine cabinets
Heart Pine cabinetry (detail)
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Kitchen Cabinets
Areas Served includes Columbus Georgia,
Muscogee County, Buena Vista Georgia,
Marion County, southwest Georgia, west central
Georgia, Chattahoochee Valley, Ellaville
Georgia, Schley County, Americus Georgia,  
Sumter County.
"Why buy custom-made

Quality construction.

Unlike most cabinet shops, I use only
top-quality materials. Why is this
important to you? Most of today's kitchen
and bathroom cabinets are constructed
primarily from particle board. This is a
cheap product made from wood scraps
and glue and contains formaldehyde,
which gets slowly released into your
home from anything built with it.
Additionally, particle board does not hold
up over time. The first time it gets wet
(as with a small leak), it is ruined as it
swells up and crumbles apart. I
frequently get called to replace cabinets
that people paid top dollar for that were
actually built of this low quality material.
Drawer guides are another area where
other companies cut costs by using
plastic guides that break in a few years.

The makers of particle board, MDF
(medium density fiber board), etc. won
a ruling allowing them to call their
products "wood." Furniture made from
these products can legally be labeled,
"all wood."  So if you're shopping for
furniture at stores or on line, know that
you are getting particle board in most
cases, even when you're paying
thousands of dollars at a reputable store.

I only use solid, grown-from-trees wood
and plywood when building furniture.
Having a custom piece of furniture made
is often comparable in price but will last
over many years of service. I have had
too many people ask me to repair an
piece of new furniture, only to find out
it broke because it was made out of
particle board and not even worth

ready to get
started?  Call me!

Rick Garner
Kitchen remodel
featuring new Maple
cabinets. Door detail
at right.