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B U E N A   V I S T A,   G E O R G I A
small walnut desk
Walnut Desk
heart pine chest
Heart Pine chest of drawers with
walnut trim, custom-made
TV console
Big-screen TV console made of
ribbon-stripe mahogany with curly
maple door panels inlaid with ebony.  
The finish is hand-rubbed tung oil.
content copyright 2020, Rick Garner.  All
rights reserved.  
murphy bed
Murphy bed, closed
                                             and open
Furniture &
gallery display case
Custom mahogany display
Areas Served includes Columbus Georgia,
Muscogee County, Buena Vista Georgia,
Marion County, southwest Georgia, west central
Georgia, Chattahoochee Valley, Ellaville
Georgia, Schley County, Americus Georgia,  
Sumter County.
"Why buy custom-made

Quality construction.

I only use solid,
grown-from-trees wood and
plywood when building
furniture. The makers of
particle board, MDF (medium
density fiber board), etc. won
a ruling allowing them to call
their products "wood."
Furniture made from these
products can legally be
labeled, "all wood."  So if
you're shopping for furniture
at stores or on line, know
that you are getting particle
board in most cases, even
when you're paying thousands
of dollars at a reputable store.
Having a custom piece of
furniture made is often
comparable in price but will
last over many years of
service. I have had too many
people ask me to repair an
expensive piece of furniture
they've only had a short while,
only to find out it broke
because it was made out of
particle board and not even
worth repairing.

ready to get
started?  Call me!

Rick Garner
cherry mantel
heart pine slab mantel
detail of Heart Pine slab mantel
custom sizes available
also available either refined or rustic